Introducing: Barack Obama

Web site page capture

Web site page capture

OK, so Barack Obama probably doesn’t need much in the way of an introduction, especially seeing as he has just been elected as the President of the Unite States of America. What an incredible election though. I have to say, even as someone who hoped for an Obama victory, the most most incedible post-election moment for me was John McCain’s speach. Even tough I wouldn’t agree with much of his political policies, I have to say he has extraordinarily dignity and, for that, I applaud him. Quite a contrast to some of the mud slinging from the Hilary Clinton leadership campain.

In terms of the election itself, the whole issue of race in this election is one that sat very uncomfortably with me. In hindsight I think I underestimated the significance of this issue but, perhaps naively, I thought it shouldn’t really matter. It clearly does. Listening to the radio and reading commentary since the election, it has clearly been an inspiration to the black diaspora around the world and, indeed, to many people in general.

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