One Eighty Fourth Street Art Print

One Eighty Fourth Street by José Parlá

One Eighty Fourth Street by José Parlá

Bought some art at the weekend, it’s a print by José Parlá entitled One Eighty Fourth Street. The print is one of three new works published by Elms Lesters  Painting Rooms, found it difficult to choose between this print and another, St. Giles. This image is from the show, it’s a bit grainy as it was only taken  on my phone.

Just need to get it framed and hung, can’t wait to see it on my wall.

Video Interview

Found some interviews with José Parlá on the web.

2 thoughts on “One Eighty Fourth Street Art Print

  1. Hi James, I’m sending the print to the framers this week, I’m getting a 1 inch by 2 inch frame in white (similar to the frames at Elms Lesters) and having the print float mounted with a few centimetres space between the print and the frame.

    I’m also getting museum glass which is non-reflective and keeps out the UV light to prevent fading. Not cheap though, nearly £600, the framers I’m using are called Simon Beaugié and do stuff for Saatchi and White Cube so it should be a good job.

    The gallery uses John Jones for framing.

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