I Love Paraty

Night photo of Paraty House in Paraty Brazil

Paraty House by Marcio Kogan

That’s it, I’m robbing Fred Goodwin and moving to Brazil, when I get there I’m going to buy this house and retire. Any tips on how to rob Fred Goodwin would be much appreciated.

The house is called Paraty House and was designed by Marcio Kogan Architects who do some seriously nice work although I can’t say the novelty of their website lasted too long on me.

I went to Paraty, which is on the coast of southern Brazil somewhere between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, about 8 years ago. Even having lived in Ramsgate for a few years I can tell you this beats any coastal destination I’ve ever visited, in particular there’s an island off of the coast not far from here called Ilha Grande which is just stunning.

I warn you though, the caipirinhas are seriously strong, after 2 I started hallucinating.

Have a few scans up on Flickr of my trip, including one of Paraty and here’s some more of the house.


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