Fela! The Musical

Sahr Ngaujah as Fela Kuti

Sahr Ngaujah as Fela Kuti in the musical Fela! at the NT

I’d normally¬†run a mile, actually I’d probably run a marathon, at the thought of going to see a musical. Perhaps the most painful two hours of ‘entertainment’ of my life was watching the musical Chicago, I could’ve really thrown some chairs after that one.

However, a musical about Fela Kuti seemed like an altogether different proposition and luckily the bread knife bought me a ticket to see the Fela! musical at the National Theatre (NT) on Sunday for Christmas.

I have to say, with the exception of some fella behind me tipping apple juice down the back of my head, it was a brilliant and really enjoyable show.

Unfortunately that was the final show at the NT although it has a run at Saddlers Wells in the summer.

The scars from Chicago run deep though, so not sure when I’ll go and see another musical.

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