Festive 500


Pylon in North Bondi

Set myself the challenge of cycling 500km over the week of Christmas whilst staying in Sydney after becoming inspired by the Rapha Festive 500 Cycle Challenge, and feeling the need to get some miles in as preparation for the √Čtape of the Tour de France I entered into.

I hired an Apollo 16 speed road bike from Centennial Cycles for the purpose, setting me back nearly £100 thanks to the crap exchange rate, not an especially great bike either although it was fine for the week.

I was glad that the weather was hot, as I expect the weather in France to be pretty warm, and that Sydney is considerably hillier than London. I don’t think any of the climbs were more than 1 or 2km but they were quite steep in places. Some of the hills around Bondi, Hardy Street in particular (from where the photo above was taken), and Raglan Street out of Balmoral beach in Mosman were some of the more difficult hills I encountered.

I also spent quite a bit of time cycling around Centennial Park which has a designated orbital cycle route of about 4km which is pretty flat and great if you want to cycle away from traffic.

In the end I managed 475km and was a little disappointed to fall just short of the target. I was hampered a little by dropping and breaking my iPhone which I was relying on to navigate, curtailing a ride I had planned not long after setting off, and pure tiredness on the 6th day.

Some decent rides though, the longest was 85km and the shortest 50km and a great way to see Sydney.

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