Étape Training Commences

Traing route on Garmin Connect

Been doing a bit of training for the Étape later this year but nothing particularly planned, just getting some miles into the legs.

Mindful that I need to do some more structured training I thought I’d invest in a Tacx Sartori trainer and a Garmin Edge 800 computer, both of which I set up properly over the weekend.

Only managed this 30km road ride, a 20 min high intensity ride on the trainer on Saturday and another hour on the trainer on Sunday. Tried to get as many of the ‘cols’ of south London in on the road ride on Saturday, nothing even remotely Alpine obviously but they are fairly steep in places, notably Gypsy and Sydenham hills.

Was pretty impressed with the Garmin computer, lots of features to get to grips with including several that I haven’t previously used on a moving bike including heart rate and cadence, it’s difficult not to get too distracted by it on the road though. The only issue so far was that it gave me a total ascent of over 50 metres on the Sunday ride on the trainer.

The trainer will also be extremely useful, it definitely feels harder than riding the same gears on the flat, even with the lowest resistance, although that might change once I put a training tyre on. Having said that it felt good to be put through my paces and it feels very sturdy.

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