Étape Training Update

Sign in Richmond Park

Roehampton Gate, Ricmond Park

I finally managed a 100km road cycle on Saturday, taking in a few laps of Richmond Park along the ride.

I had planned to ride a 100km the previous weekend but the weather forecasters forgot to mention anything about rain, maybe it just arrived on a bastard plane from the land of Pissing It Down Completely Unannounced? Either way I was totally unprepared.

Shame as well as I stopped off at Evans in Wandsworth on the way to Richmond as they were offering a special deal on chain and gear cleaning for £10. Cheap as it was, it was a complete waste of money by the time I finished the measly 35km I managed before arriving home completely dispirited with numb feet and hands.

After defrosting I gave the bike a clean and vowed to go out preparing for the worst in future, lesson learned.

I was better prepared this weekend although the two pairs of socks with clingfilm wrapped around them (a tip from Bradley Wiggins on Twitter earlier in the year) weren’t quite enough to keep my feet warm enough under my shoes. Overshoes next time.

In all I managed 101km in just under 4 hours, I ended the ride with some of the hills near me that I’ve been training on and was quite tired by the time I hit them.

I’m really not fazed about the distance of the Étape come July, 109km is well within my abilitites, but the climbing and possibly the weather are factors I’m not nearly as confident about.

I did manage 830 metres of climbing on Saturday, compared to around 3,600m in the Étape, most of it in the last 25km, whilst fairly steep all the climbs I do are very short and I really need to work out where I can get some longer climbs in before the ride.

Finally, found this interesting article about this years Étape.

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