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Vans TV - Ben Shroeder

I saw the Vans Off The Wall TV website a while back and meant to post something back then but completely forgot.

I think a post has been worth the wait however, as I just watched this episode from “Grosso’s Love Letters to Skateboarding” with Ben Shroeder.

I always thought Shroeder was an amazing and innovative skater, I was fortunate enough to see him skate including once at a Zorlac Shut Up And Skate competition in Southsea, here’s a rubbish picture I took at the time.

Ben Shroder, frontside grind at Southsea skatepark

I think he’s probably largely remembered for his lip tricks, but the thing that stood out for me were his eggplants and some crazy ollies he was doing over the hip in the bowl there.

Also watched the finals of the Vans Bowl-a-rama in Bondi from last month, RAD.

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