Rio Carnival

King Kong float at the Rio Carniaval

King Kong makes an appearance at the Rio Carnival

Just viewed an image gallery of this years Carnival in Rio de Janeiro on the BBC website, some extraordinary images and this one in particular sticks out.

The closest I’ve come to a ‘carnival’ of this kind is the Notting Hill Carnival which seems to put way less emphasis on the floats and much more emphasis on out and out hedonism.

I’m sure the stench of urine is not as bad in Rio either, having previously worked in an office at the bottom of a slope in a secluded corner within the boundaries of the Notting Hill Carnival (possibly the most attractive place to empty a bladder  full of Red Stripe in the world) I can confirm that it smells like a sewer for the best part of a week afterwards.

At least you’re always guaranteed to get some Jerk Chicken although I still usually give the event a wide berth.

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