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Spotify halves its free music allowance

Been reading lots of articles about the upcoming changes to Spotify Free/Open accounts, a very interesting development I feel.

Spotify is forced to halve its free music allowance

The music streaming website Spotify, which offers listeners unlimited free access, is to restrict the amount of songs that users can play without paying. From 1 May the service, which has six million users in Britain and Europe, will reduce the amount of free listening available from 20 hours a month to 10.

Seems like the record companies have put the squeeze on Spotify on this one. Personally I think that record companies are being way too slow in developing innovative ways to make money and are largely relying on business models that are out of step with the way people interface with music in the digital age.

It is over 10 years since the launch of Napster, the horse bolted long ago, but it seems a lot of record companies are in denial about it and are desperately hoping that people will return to buying CD’s.

From reading between the lines I think it’s the record companies that are desperatly trying to prop up HMV, the troubled high street music retailer issuing a profits warning recently.

I buy music on vinyl mostly and actually listen to a large amount of music on Spotify that I already ‘own’ in the vinyl format as well as on CD. I also use it to check out any new music I might have heard about and have bought several albums as a result of this.

I’m genuinely happy to pay a fair price for music but a £10 a month subscription doesn’t really suit me as I don’t use Spotify that much, why not have a service where you can buy credits instead of subscribing?

If I had to pay 1 pence every time I listened to a song I’d probably be quite happy about it, you could also re-credit the account of a user any credit they have spent on an album or song if they then go on to purchase it.

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