The Future of Flying

Airbus concept plane

Exterior of a concept cabin

Lets face it, travelling by plane a largely rubbish, something to suffer entirely because of what the journey brings. Although I’ve been fortunate enough to travel on those seats that turn into beds in business class courtesy of an upgrade the overwhelming experience of flying is shit, especially if you have to use Gatwick or Heathrow airports which I do frequently.

However, I just headed over to the Guardian website which has a gallery of images from a concept plane by Airbus that look amazing. I always get frustrated at how little you can see out of those tiny little windows and this wouldn’t be a problem with this plane.

Might be a little bright up there in the day time, I think you’d need a pair of sunglasses along with your sleeping mask, socks and toothbrush.

It is quite astonishing the speed that planes fly at, but I still wish they were faster, as well as a whole lot greener.

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