Some Black in the Union Jack

Union Jack Rainbow

Union Jack, rainbow style

Chapeau to Mark Cavendish and the British Cycling team for a remarkable win at the World Road Race ChampionshipIt’s been described as the perfect team performance but I’d disagree, the kit they were wearing was an absolute abomination.

Apart from that I’d be inclined to agree, the whole team played a part and, with what has become an almost routine sprint finish for him, Mark Cavendish finished it off in style with a win in Copenhagen.

I had planned to go for a cycle in the morning in time to return for the end of the race, but I started watching about 70km in and couldn’t draw myself away for any length of time. About 5 hours later I was nearly in my TV. Why is it that when you are that excited you are inclined to get so close to the TV?

Brad Wiggins on the front of the Peleton at the World Road Race

What a  performance by the team though, Bradley Wiggins put in an impressive turn towards the end, defending attacks and keeping the pace high, but the whole team put in an incredible stint at some point.

Staggering to think it’s 46 years since Tom Simpson secured the World title, the last (and only) previous British winner of the event. It’s also astonishing to think what strides have been made in road cycling by British cyclists in the last few years. Whilst Britain has enjoyed considerable success on the track for some time, road cycling success has been rare, it’s great to see British cyclists transitioning into really good road cyclists.

This is clearly in no small part the the back end staff Dave Brailsford has assembled at both team GB and Team Sky, looks like it could be a really good year for British cycling next year with both the Olympics and improving form on the road.

Mark Cavendish wins the World Road Race in Copenhagen

After the euphoria I did manage a ride to Richmond Park and back.

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