The Good, The Bad and the Queen

The Good, The bad and the Queen on stage at the Coronet in London

The Good, The bad and the Queen, courtesy of wheelzwheeler on Flickr

I think that The Good, The Bad and the Queen album is my favourite of the last decade but I thought my chance of seeing it performed may have passed so I was all over it when the tickets were released for this gig at the Coronet.

The concert was a one off show benefit gig for the launch of the new Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior ship.

It was pretty much what I expected, the album played in it’s entirety in order with a brief encore. It was a brilliant show as you might expect from such a stellar line up, the highlights for me being a musician playing the wistling part on Soldiers Tale with a bow and saw and a version of the Gorrilaz Melancholy Hill during the encore.

I think the Coronet may be officially have a new favourite music venue, nice size and only 20 minuites from my home.

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