Flying a Boeing 747

Boing 747 Simulator Controls

Boing 747 Simulator

I don’t have a category on this blog for flying planes and I’m pretty sure I don’t need one, so this post will just have to go under travel.

Having a friend as a pilot has certain benefits and the experience I had this weekend taking control of a British Airways Boeing 747 simulator at Heathrow is certainly one of them.

I managed 5 landing attempts, 3 into Hong Kong and 2 into San Francisco, as well as a take off from Heathrow. Not sure they were the softest of landings, but I think everyone on board was safe.

Iit’s incredibly realistic and a lot of fun.┬áThere’s an overwhelming amount of controls on┬áthe dashboard (or whatever it’s called in airplane parlance) which, in the days of touch screen devices, looks extremely antiquated, but then it’s a pretty old plane I guess.

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