Why I Don’t Vert Skate Any More

Tom Schaar lands a 1080

So the first ever 1080 in vert skateboarding has been landed by 12 year old Tom Schaar. Pretty awesome stuff.

Having said that this is basically another reason to consign the Pro-Designs to the back of the cupboard. The thought of kids 20 years my junior putting me to complete shame is just too much, in the days of 1080’s I don’t think my slob fast plants cut it any more. It’s debatable whether they ever did.

I don’t even think I started skating until I was 13, and it was another 3 years before I landed an air on vert, a 6 inch backside air in Glasgow if I remember correctly.

In other skateboarding news I’m looking forward to the forthcoming documentary on Danny Way, Waiting for Lightning which is hitting London on the 1st of May.

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