London 2012

 Fireworks go off over the Olympic Stadium during the Opening Ceremony of the London-2012 Olympic Games

Opening ceremony of the London Olympics

The 2012 Olympics Games is finally here and it’s in my home town of London where I spent last night, albeit in my living room, enthralled by the opening ceremony which I genuinely thought was incredible.

I especially liked the comicĀ  moments, the Queen parachuting out of a plane with James Bond was magic and visually it was stunning although, and it’s been said by many people, elements of the story must have been lost on much of the international audience although I found that the commentary on the BBC was a little intrusive at times.

Speaking of the Queen, I thought her speech was a little long winded but Bradley Wiggins ringing the Olympic bell in a yellow jersey more than made up for it.

The logistics of putting it all together were quite extraordinary and it’s amazing how the whole thing was kept a secret right up until the event.

In all a massive congratulations to Danny Boyle and all those involved for making it so such a spectacular opening ceremony.

I’m pretty excited about it all despite not getting any tickets but i’ll no doubt spend the next couple of weeks enthralled in sports that I don’t even give a second thought most of the time. When else do you watch Greco Roman Wrestling, Canoeing andĀ  Synchronised Swimming?

I just hope the corporate police don’t arrest me for the title of my post.

Britains Queen Elizabeth II Parachute jump

2012 London Olympics Opening ceremony

2012 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony

Olympic opening ceremony dancers


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