Why Am I Me?

I had a question for Siri
After 3½ years using an iPhone 3 I decided to upgrade like a true Apple fan-boy and get an iPhone 5 on launch day. Essentially this is because I had one question that I thought Siri might be able to answer. What else could it be other than “Why Am I Me?”?

Why I didn’t think of this answer before is the next question I’m going to have to ask myself, but in the mean time thanks for the heads up Siri. That’s part of the problem with a question like “Why Am I Me?”, you get sucked into a spiraling vacuum of infinite regress.

Luckily it looks like those “Genius Bar Folks” are going to lift the lid on this existential mystery and enlighten me, freeing me from the brain frying despair that I’ve been suffering since this question first entered my head as a 4 year old boy on a council estate in Downham.

To say I’ve come a long way since then is an understament, the Westfield Apple store is now my Nirvana, back then it was probably Legoland.

On a less serious note, whilst the Apple Maps App has been getting some stick, I’ve been pretty amazed by the flyover maps thing.

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