Radiohead Live

Radiohead on stage at the O2 Arena in London

Radiohead on stage

I was offered a ticket for last nights Radiohead King of Limbs concert at the O2 Arena last week and after some serious procrastination, largely over the £70 cost of the ticket and not really having liked the King of Limbs album particularly, I decided to bite the bullet and go.

It was the fifth time I’ve seen them play and, although I’m not generally a fan of these large arena concerts, it was one of the better ones I’ve seen in such a cavernous space.

The thing is with large arena gigs, and especially if you’re not over 6 feet tall, is that you spend a lot of time looking at the back of peoples heads and wading through sweaty crowds of people to go for a piss, but the set, which I though was brilliant, countered that somewhat.

There were a number of large LCD screens displaying grainy CCTV quality close up images of the band suspended from the upper rigging that moved and changed configuration throughout the show.

On the downside they take the absolute piss with the price of food and drink once you’re through to the concert area, £4.80 for a pint and £5 for a hot dog. Definitely better to eat and have a beer before  you go in.

Was it worth £70 though? I’m still not sure I’ve gotten over having paid that much but they are really good performers and I did enjoy the show.,, not sure if I’d pay the same again unless they come out with some killer new album.

Radiohead on Stage

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