elBulli at Somerset House

Illustration from elBulli at Somerset House

ElBulli: Ferran Adrià and The Art of Food show at Somerset House is really interesting, but there’s one thing that is a complete and utter wind up: there’s NO FOOD.

I can’t say the exhibition was on my radar but one of the outlaws, Mark, was in town and, being both a foodie and a scientist, he was really keen to see it and I’m glad I went along.

Beforehand I’d wondered quite how this exhibition, which is essentially about a restaurant, would be put together in a way that would make it engaging. Essentially it’s organised chronologically, from before the time of Faran Adrià’s arrival until it’s closure a couple of years ago, with lots of visual material including menus, drawings, photos and film as well as models which, on the whole, I felt worked well.

The level of creativity in the restaurant looks quite extraordinary, both from a scientific and an artistic as well as culinary perspective and despite the lack of food it’s probably the closest I’ll ever get to tasting anything from elBulli.

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