RideLondon-Surrey 100 Cycle Sportive

RideLondon-Surrey in numbers

My RideLondon-Surrey Race Stats

Participated in the inaugural RideLondon-Surrey 100 cycle sportive earlier in the month which was just brilliant. Been too lazy to blog about it before but this graphic came through from Garmin last week and has given me some impetus.

I have to say that I was pretty pleased with my time, I had been aiming for sub 6 hours so to do it in 5 was a bit of a surprise. I think the closed roads made a huge difference and obviously being able to ride in groups helped a lot, all the training I’ve done for Étape also helped as I was flying past people up Leith and Box Hills. I also felt I finished pretty strongly and this is backed up by the stat that only 6 people overtook me in the last 5km whereas I overtook 59 people.

I also beat all my friends who took part as well as the Mayor Boris Johnson, I’m not smug about it though. The only downside to finishing so fast was that anyone who came to see me at the finish arrived too late.

I was also pleased to raise nearly £700 pounds for the charity The Samaritans, donations are still being accepted if you want to contribute. Big thanks to them for organising a free beer and a massage at the end.

In all I thought it was pretty well organised event and the weather was just about perfect, getting up at 4am was not easy though but being able to cycle to and from the start/finish lines kind of made up for it. To finish on The Mall was pretty spectacular.

Hope I get a place in the ballot next year.


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