The Hyperloop

Been reading about The Hyperloop Train concept from Elon Musk over the last couple of days and it’s a pretty exciting prospect. I rode on the Shanghai Maglev Train last year, whose top speed is around 268mph (431kph), and that was an awesome enough experience.

Billionaire reveals Hyperloop supersonic transport system

Elon Musk, billionaire and founder of Paypal, electric-car firm Tesla Motors and space technology company SpaceX, has revealed designs for Hyperloop – a supersonic Jetsons-style transportation system for California. Travelling at over 700 mph, passengers would sit in a 1.35-metre-wide tube and be blasted through the 382-mile tunnel linking Los Angeles and San Francisco in just 30 minutes.

After months of speculation, Musk revealed plans to use magnets and fans to shoot capsules that float on a cushion of air through a long tube. “Hyperloop is a new mode of transport that seeks to change [a] paradigm by being both fast and inexpensive for people and goods,” said Musk in the design study.

I don’t know quite how innovative this idea is but it’s good to see someone investing in the concept, I’d love to see this happen.

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