Roman Aqueduct in Segovia

Panograph of The Roman Aqueduct in Segovia

Panograph of Segovia

Been stitching together some composite photos in Photoshop recently including this one of Segovia which I took earlier in the summer. Needed quite a bit of post production, largely due to the high contrasts, and has ended up looking a bit like an HDR image.

The aqueduct on the right dates from the time of Roman occupation, it’s still an astounding piece of engineering.

Branislav Kropilak

Been looking at the website of┬áBranislav Krpoilak, a Slovakian photographer. This particular image is taken from a series entitles Landings, which depict airplane landings at night, or at least the light trail of the flight path, there isn’t actually an airplane in any of them.

Landing no.06 (2006)

Landing no.06 (2006)

Some of his work, notably the Factories photos, remind me of Bernd and Hilla Becher, with the obvbious exception that they are in colour and are taken at night.

Lagos Shake: A Tony Allen Chop Up

Lagos Shake album cover

Lagos Shake album cover

Just bought Lagos Shake, an album of Tony Allen remixes. I’ve only given it one listen so this isn’t an album review, more of an excuse to blog about the album cover. Puts those pups you see cruising around with their bull terriers look distinctly pathetic. I’m glad I haven’t bumped into this guy around Camberwell after the pub.
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Hotel View Pano

The view from my hotel room at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, near Happy Valley in Hong Kong. It’s a Great Hotel, and reasonably priced. The tall building on the left, the one with the illuminated spire, is The Center, the fourth tallest skyscraper in Hong Kong.

I lived in Hong Kong for a year and I love the place, I still have several good freinds who live there too.