Google to Launch Driverless Car

driverless car

Driverless Car from Google

Google gets Nevada driving licence for self-drive car

Driverless cars will soon be a reality on the roads of Nevada after the state approved America’s first self-driven vehicle licence.

The first to hit the highway will be a Toyota Prius modified by search firm Google, which is leading the way in driverless car technology.

This is an amazing technological step forward, I wonder how quickly this concept will proliferate around the world and how quick adoption rates will be amongst the public.

Apple Is ‘A Digital Vampire’

Vampire bit in the Apple logo

Is Apple a 'Digital Vampire'?

Apple a ‘digital vampire’ says Pete Townshend

The Who’s Pete Townshend has taken Apple to task in a strongly worded attack at the 2011 Radio Festival in Salford.

The legendary songwriter and guitarist called on the company, who run digital music retailing giant iTunes, to take more responsibility for developing artists, referring to the computer giants as ‘digital vampires’.
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Flickr iPhone App

Flickr iPhone app screen shot

There’s been a lot of furore about the Spotify app released for the Apple iPhone in the last week or so, but I’m more excited about the new Flickr app which I downloaded yesterday.

Being a bit of a vinyl junkie I seldom use the iPhone for music anyway, and I can’t realistically see me using Spotify away from my computer, the Flickr app, however, is definitely something I’ll use.

Screen shot from the app front page shows a picture of a toilet from my friend Vanbonko, thinking about music it reminded me of the cover to the Rolling Stones album Beggars Banquet.