The Great Duck and Spring Onion Pancack Roll Swindle

DaDong Reataurant Roast Duck

DaDong Roast Duck

I have a story about crispy duck, or rather Crispy the Duck. The now sadly deceased comedian Malcolm Hardee used to have a floating pub called the Wibbly Wobbly, a converted boat in Greenland Dock in Rotherhithe. I went to this pub several times and on the boat was Malc’s pet guard duck whose name was, you guessed it, Crispy. Until now that was the only story of any merit I had about crispy ducks.
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Cycling: Crinan to Glasgow

Portavadie to Dunoon Cycle route

Portavadie to Dunoon Cycle route

Holy shit, completed the cycle from Crinan/Lochgilphead to Glasgow last Friday in even worse weather conditions than the Fort William to Crinan cycle I did last week, there was non-stop heavy rain for almost the entire journey. Someone at Glasgow Central even asked if we’d been potholing which should give you some indication of the state we were in.

My computer packed up due to the rain, as did my rear light, so I’ve used the first two legs of the journey that I saved on MapMyRide and used Google Maps to calculate the third and final leg, in all I estimate the total cycle distance to be about 73 miles (117 km).
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Fort William to Crinan Cycle: The Report

Road Sign - Hill: 1 In 8

Hill Gradient: 1 In 8

Fuck me! What a fucking nightmare. I don’t think the conditions could have been much worse for the Fort William to Crinan/Lochgilphead cycle.

The total distance for the route we took was approximately 83 miles, which took around 6 hours despite some good early pace; climbs and weather slowed us up significantly during the second half of the journey.
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