Ten Hours of Utter Pain

Col De La Madelaine

Switchback on the Col De La Madelaine

I’ve been through emotional turmoil in my life, but the things going through my mind on the final climb of this years Étape up to La Toussuire are not things I’ve commonly encountered before, my brain was in utter meltdown. In truth I don’t know how I found the mental strength to get up that last climb, I think I knew it was the quickest way to get it over and done with, although certainly the most difficult.
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The Great Duck and Spring Onion Pancack Roll Swindle

DaDong Reataurant Roast Duck

DaDong Roast Duck

I have a story about crispy duck, or rather Crispy the Duck. The now sadly deceased comedian Malcolm Hardee used to have a floating pub called the Wibbly Wobbly, a converted boat in Greenland Dock in Rotherhithe. I went to this pub several times and on the boat was Malc’s pet guard duck whose name was, you guessed it, Crispy. Until now that was the only story of any merit I had about crispy ducks.
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Google to Launch Driverless Car

driverless car

Driverless Car from Google

Google gets Nevada driving licence for self-drive car

Driverless cars will soon be a reality on the roads of Nevada after the state approved America’s first self-driven vehicle licence.

The first to hit the highway will be a Toyota Prius modified by search firm Google, which is leading the way in driverless car technology.

This is an amazing technological step forward, I wonder how quickly this concept will proliferate around the world and how quick adoption rates will be amongst the public.