Ten Hours of Utter Pain

Col De La Madelaine

Switchback on the Col De La Madelaine

I’ve been through emotional turmoil in my life, but the things going through my mind on the final climb of this years Étape up to La Toussuire are not things I’ve commonly encountered before, my brain was in utter meltdown. In truth I don’t know how I found the mental strength to get up that last climb, I think I knew it was the quickest way to get it over and done with, although certainly the most difficult.
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Étape Training Update

Sign in Richmond Park

Roehampton Gate, Ricmond Park

I finally managed a 100km road cycle on Saturday, taking in a few laps of Richmond Park along the ride.

I had planned to ride a 100km the previous weekend but the weather forecasters forgot to mention anything about rain, maybe it just arrived on a bastard plane from the land of Pissing It Down Completely Unannounced? Either way I was totally unprepared.
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Étape Training Commences

Traing route on Garmin Connect

Been doing a bit of training for the Étape later this year but nothing particularly planned, just getting some miles into the legs.

Mindful that I need to do some more structured training I thought I’d invest in a Tacx Sartori trainer and a Garmin Edge 800 computer, both of which I set up properly over the weekend.
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