New Skateboard

Finally bought a new board, a Black Label Adam Alfaro. The graphics are by Christian Hosoi and the board is part of a series to celebrate ’20 years of the Elephant’, other boards in the series have artwork by the Gonz, Natas, Lance Mountain and Ed Templeton. What a line up.
Adam Alfaro Skateboard
Can’t believe that Black Label have been around that long, although I reckon that time includes the company in its original incarnation when it was called Lucero, I don’t think it was too long before Lucero became Black Label though. The first Black Label board I ever had was a Max Evans slick which, I think, I would have bought around 1992? I can’t remember for sure but I’m pretty certain that this is my fifth Label deck.

I also got a new set of Indy’s, Stage X 139’s. Rubbers are a little crappy so I think I’m going to get new ones. How hard is it to skate new trucks though? I think I had my last set for around 4-5 years so it’s been a while since I had to break new trucks in.

Happy 20th birthday Black Label. And remember, NEVER FORGET.