Apple Is ‘A Digital Vampire’

Vampire bit in the Apple logo

Is Apple a 'Digital Vampire'?

Apple a ‘digital vampire’ says Pete Townshend

The Who’s Pete Townshend has taken Apple to task in a strongly worded attack at the 2011 Radio Festival in Salford.

The legendary songwriter and guitarist called on the company, who run digital music retailing giant iTunes, to take more responsibility for developing artists, referring to the computer giants as ‘digital vampires’.
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The 101 Best Music Videos of the Decade

Just read this article The 101 Best Music Videos of the Decade which has the videos for some great work. No surprise there’s a bag full of Michel Gondry videos, including the winning entry ‘Fell In Love With A Girl’ for the White Stripes, although I was quite surprised that the video for Around the World by Daft Park doesn’t make the list.

So rare I even see music videos these days apart from on YouTube perhaps, was just trying to remember when I last saw a music video on the TV and I honestly cannot remember. Oh no, hang on, it was a clip of a Katherine Jenkins video which is a cover of some shite Evanescence song and it was a total load of bollocks, the song and the video.

I can’t even believe I just made the effort to find it on YouTube.

Lagos Shake: A Tony Allen Chop Up

Lagos Shake album cover

Lagos Shake album cover

Just bought Lagos Shake, an album of Tony Allen remixes. I’ve only given it one listen so this isn’t an album review, more of an excuse to blog about the album cover. Puts those pups you see cruising around with their bull terriers look distinctly pathetic. I’m glad I haven’t bumped into this guy around Camberwell after the pub.
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