New Gil Scott-Heron Album

Gil Scott Heron's I'm New Here

I'm New Here album cover

RAD, not something I was expecting to see but there’s a new Gil Scott-Heron album on the way, it’s entitled I’m New Here out on the 8th of February on XL Recordings.

As far as I was aware he’s been in and out of prison for the last decade or so so I’m glad he’s got it together to release some new material.
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Trick Time: The Drop In

This is a moment most skaters have been through, that first drop in, a right of passage. Clearly it’s the easiest trick in the world, other than pushing along or riding off a curb perhaps, but it doesn’t feel like it when you’re up there looking down that first time. Put the tail on the coping with your back foot on it, move your front foot onto the board around the front truck bolts, move your weight forward and roll down the tranny. Easy!

Damn, I feel sorry for the little fella. It’s pure psych when it comes off, and then, once you’ve made it, it’s almost impossible to bail it ever again. It’s all about that first time though. He’s definitely got his front foot too far forward there.
I think I made my first drop-ins at all heights thankfully.